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AL CAMPBELL [Leave The Herbsman Business]

Regular price ¥500(税込¥550)

ID No. 140876 Label WITTY/GOLD SHOP (US) Production Genre Reggae80sLate / Male Vocal Condition EX Track smoke the weed (run down the world) Soundclip * Very Killer 80s Informer Fe...


Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 226707 Label ACKEE (UK) Production JA Genre Reggae70sEarly / Male DJ Condition VG(NOC) Track Let Love In Soundclip

BIG JOE / LITTLE JOE [Weed Specialist /Zion Dub]

Regular price ¥1,200(税込¥1,320)

ID No. 224693 Label BLANK ( STOP POINT ) (JA) Production Other Genre Early Reggae / Male DJ Condition VG- Track Heaven & Earth Soundclip* インベーダーズの「Heaven & Eath」のオケでのガンジャ・チューン。

JAH WOOSH [Chalis Blaze]

Sale price Regular price ¥5,500

ID No. 222681 Label BLANK(STUDENT) (UK) Production JA Genre Reggae70sMid / Male DJ Soundclip*ポールホワイトマン「I Don't Wanna Loose You」のDJから始まるサンティック音源中心のDJアルバム。他にもコンシャスマインド「Hotter The Battle」のDJとか。** A-1.2. B-2.

NINEY AND MAX [Aily And Ailaloo]

Sale price Regular price ¥1,800

ID No. 206545 Label BULLET (UK) Production Niney Observer Genre Reggae70sEarly / Female Vocal Condition VG+ Track reggae matic Soundclip* Beardman Feast

CORDELLS [Budget ]

Sale price Regular price ¥2,500

ID No. 187512 Label THREE DDD'S (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sLate Roots Rock / Group Vocal Condition VG Track LOVE ME GIRL / GENERAL Soundclip


Sale price Regular price ¥1,500

ID No. 182089 Label BELVA (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sLate / Male DJ Condition VG- Soundclip

PAPA SAN [Herb In The Morning]

Regular price ¥800(税込¥880)

ID No. 220029 Label JOHN JOHN (JA) Production Jammys Genre ReggaeAfter90s / Male Vocal Condition EX- Track shank i sheck Soundclip*'94 パパサンのハーブアンセム! **朝も夕方もセンシ吸うてたいと

U BROWN [Chalis To Chalis]

Regular price ¥1,000(税込¥1,100)

ID No. 207964 Label HULK (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sMid / Male DJ Condition VG Track tired fe lick weed in a bush Soundclip* バックに少し目立つシャーっというノイズが入ります。


Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 218256 Label STAR TIME (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae80sLate / Male DJ Condition VG+ Soundclip'86 Bad DJ Tune **警官も弁護士も先生もみんな使っとるがなガンジャは悪ない怒るでしかしと