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DELROY WILSON [Got To Get You Love]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 221739 Label HEAVY DUTY (JA) Production Joe Gibbs Late Genre Reggae80sEarly / Male Vocal Condition VG+(WOL) Soundclip*余り見ない45。ややセンター広がり気味。

THE GRADUATORS [Grazing/ Fly Away Girl( Ver)]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 221523 Label GRADUATES (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sMid Ballad / Inst Condition VG+ Soundclip* バラードのギターインスト、ちょい泣き。

WINSTON SAMUELS / FITZI & FREDDY [I Wont Be Discouraged / Why Did My Little Girl Cry]

Regular price ¥2,800(税込¥3,080)

ID No. 221469 Label ISLAND (UK) Production Studio1-60 Genre Rock Steady / Male Vocal Condition VG-/VG Soundclip* 後半にダメージ数回大き目のパチノイズ。

ISAACS & THE SYMBOLICS [Hand Go Packie Come]

Regular price ¥1,200(税込¥1,320)

ID No. 220870 Label DOUBLE GRIP (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sLate / Male Vocal Condition VG Soundclip* ゆったりとしたリズムルーツボーカル。カルチューやジャスティンハインツとか好きな方は聴いてほしい。

GAYTONES [High Life]

Regular price ¥4,500(税込¥4,950)

ID No. 221169 Label BLANK(HIGH NOTE) (JA) Production High Note Genre Reggae70sEarly / Inst Condition VG+ SoundclipSPottinger

THE VIRSALITS / DERRICK MORGAN [Some Time Sit & Cry / I Want To Go Home]

Regular price ¥3,500(税込¥3,850)

ID No. 220972 Label BLANK(AMALGAMETED) (JA) Production Joe Gibbs Early Genre Rock Steady / Male Vocal Group Vocal Condition VG-(SlightBend) Soundclip* リンテイトのギターのフレーズが印象的。ナイスハーモニーなロックステディボーカル。


Regular price ¥3,500(税込¥3,850)

ID No. 220732 Label WILD FLOWER (JA) Production Upsetter Late Genre Reggae70sMid / Male Vocal Condition VG Soundclip* Very Rare Lee Perry's Prod Roots Vocal.

JAH MOJO (YOUTH MOJO) [Back From Creation (Yankee Conkee) ]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 219691 Label SANTIC(PRE) (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sMid / Male DJ Condition Soundclip*ミッドテンポのドラムとベースでトースティング。


Regular price ¥2,500(税込¥2,750)

ID No. 219606 Label BIG STYLE (JA) Production Keith Hudson Genre [A] Reggae70sEarly [B] Roots Rock / Male Vocal Condition VG+ Track stama special Soundclip* ミスレーベル。

EARNEST WILSON [Round And Round]

Regular price ¥2,800(税込¥3,080)

ID No. 218866 Label ROLLO (JA) Production JA Genre Early Reggae / Male Vocal Condition VG Soundclip* スリム・スミス「 Sunny Side Of The Sea」のオケで「Love Makes World Goes Around」をリメイク。**チリパチノイズ少し目立ちますが徐々に落ち着きます。