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Regular price ¥18,000(税込¥19,800)

ID No. 222273 Label BLANK( RITE SOUND) (UK) Production UK Genre Reggae70sMid / Male Vocal Group Vocal Condition EX- Soundclip* Deep Roots ** Test Press

RAS LALABELLA [Back & Belly Rat]

Regular price ¥2,500(税込¥2,750)

ID No. 220169 Label ROCKERS (JA) Production Pablo Genre Roots Rock ReggaeAfter90s / Male Vocal Condition VG+(Bend) Soundclip* 90's Digital Roots

AUGUSTUS PABLO / JAH MOJO [Hap Kid / Truth & Truth Version]

Regular price ¥2,800(税込¥3,080)

ID No. 219695 Label IRON FIST(PRE) (JA) Production Pablo Genre Reggae70sEarly / [A] Inst [B] Male DJ Condition VG- Track I'm A Freeman Soundclip*フレディ・マッケイの「 I'm a Free Man」のパブロによる、クラビネット・カット/ ダイアナ・フィルバートの「 Never...

AL CAMPBELL [Foot Stool / Soul Sister]

Regular price ¥5,500(税込¥6,050)

ID No. 210873 Label CHANAN JAH (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sLate / Male Vocal Condition EX(SlightBend) Soundclip* Very Rare JA Press ** Killer Disco!!!!

PRINCE FAR I [Zion Call]

Regular price ¥1,800(税込¥1,980)

ID No. 199645 Label MORPHEUS (UK) Production JA Genre Reggae70sMid / Male DJ Condition VG- Soundclip* Heavy Dee Jay / Dubb ** パチノイズ。

JAH FRANKIE JONES [Satta And Prise Jah]

Regular price ¥2,800(税込¥3,080)

ID No. 194219 Label JAMAREL (UK) Production King Edwards Genre Roots Rock Reggae70sMid / Male Vocal Condition VG Soundclip

BIG YOUTH [Wolf In Sheep Clothing]

Regular price ¥2,800(税込¥3,080)

ID No. 188824 Label AUGSTUS BUCHANAN (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sMid / Male DJ Condition VG+ Track Warning Soundclip

ROOTAN FEAT. MIKEY MURKA [She Gone / Get It Already]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 207591 Label SCOTCH BONNET (UK) Production UK Genre UK Digital / Male Vocal Condition EX- Soundclip* Killer!! UK Digital Dancehall. Unityレーベルの音源など好きな方にお勧め!!

STEVE BASWELL [I Am Getting Bad]

Regular price ¥1,000(税込¥1,100)

ID No. 218952 Label ARCHIVE (UK) Production UK Genre Roots Rock / Male Vocal Condition Soundclip

SOWELL RADICS [Wheel O' Matilda]

Regular price ¥1,000(税込¥1,100)

ID No. 218951 Label ARCHIVE (UK) Production UK Genre Roots Rock / Male Vocal Condition Soundclip* 彼の代表曲の80’sキラー・ルーツ。