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DOBBY JONES [The Wrong They Do]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 226099 Label CASH (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sMid / Male Vocal Condition VG+(WOL) Soundclip

CHARLEY ACE [The Creeper]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 226322 Label UPSETTER(PRE) (JA) Production Upsetter Early Genre Reggae70sEarly / Male DJ Condition VG Soundclip*遅めのリズムで引きずる様なトースティングのオールド・スクールなDJ曲。

GLEN BROWN & SHALIMARS [Youth Of Today / Merry Up]

Regular price ¥2,500(税込¥2,750)

ID No. 226224 Label SHALIMAR (JA) Production Glen Brown Genre Reggae70sMid / Male Vocal Condition VG+ Track Merry Up Soundclip* Merry Up

WINSTON SHAN & SHEIKS [Throw Me Corn / Darling Remember]

Regular price ¥2,500(税込¥2,750)

ID No. 226124 Label BULLET (UK) Production JA Genre Early Reggae / [A] Male Vocal [B] Female Vocal Condition VG(LD)(WOL) Soundclip

THE ETHIOPIANS [The Selah / Hang On (To What You Have)]

Regular price ¥2,000(税込¥2,200)

ID No. 226236 Label SIR J J (JA) Production Sir JJ Genre Reggae70sEarly / Male Vocal Condition VG(OK)(LD)(DIST) Soundclip

MAXY SMITH [2000 Years Ago]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 226201 Label BIG M (US) Production Randys/Impact Genre Roots Rock Reggae70sEarly / Male Vocal Condition VG+ Soundclip* Max Romeo


Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 226138 Label DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sMid / Male Vocal Condition VG+ Soundclip*ジャーロイド「Tom SHooter」と同じオケの自身のロックステディをセルフリメイク。


Regular price ¥2,000(税込¥2,200)

ID No. 226039 Label DERRICK'S STAMP (JA) Production Crystal / Move & Groove Genre Early Reggae / Male Vocal Group Vocal Condition VG Soundclip


Regular price ¥2,000(税込¥2,200)

ID No. 226033 Label GREENSLEEVES (UK) Production JA Genre Reggae80sLate / Group Vocal Condition VG+ Jacket Condition EX- Soundclip* '88 Augustus'Gussie'Clarke ブレない男たちの骨太ルーツ! **試聴A-3 B-1,3

BIG YOUTH [Peace At Last]

Regular price ¥1,800(税込¥1,980)

ID No. 226020 Label NICHOLA DELTA (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sLate / Male DJ Condition EX-(WOL) Soundclip* Late70's Dee-Jay Big Bad Tune!