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SIR HARRY [Slip & Slide]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 225155 Label ELECTRO (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sEarly / Male DJ Condition VG+ Soundclip*Dj Cut To Cables

DERRICK LARA [To Sir With Love ]

Regular price ¥1,000(税込¥1,100)

ID No. 216150 Label RONKCUB RECORDS Production JA Genre ReggaeAfter90s / Female Vocal Condition EX- Soundclip*様々なアーティストにカヴァーされつづけられるルルの名曲をアップテンポなTrkでカヴァー

CARL DAWKINS / JJ ALL STARS [Satisfaction / Poppy Cock]

Regular price ¥2,000(税込¥2,200)

ID No. 227465 Label SIR J.J (JA) Production Sir JJ Genre Rock Steady / [A] Male Vocal [B] Inst Condition VG Soundclip


Regular price ¥2,500(税込¥2,750)

ID No. 227668 Label RAIDERS (UK) Production UK Genre Lovers Rock / Male Vocal Condition EX Soundclip* まったりとした90'sのUKラヴァーズ・ロック。マイナーですが、なかなかいい歌。

SIR HARRY / TYRONE DOWNEY [Last Call / Hot Call]

Regular price ¥1,800(税込¥1,980)

ID No. 209491 Label MORWELL ESQ (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sEarly / [A] Male DJ [B] Inst Condition VG Soundclip

BARBARA JONES / SIR HARRY [Sad Movies / Movies Version]

Sale price Regular price ¥2,000

ID No. 185995 Label DOUBLE B (JA) Production Genre Reggae70sEarly / [A] Female Vocal [B] Male DJ Condition VG Soundclip* Female / DJ

ABYSSINIANS / SIR HARRY [Declaration Of Rights / Musical Rights]

Regular price ¥800(税込¥880)

ID No. 206934 Label CLINCH (JA) Production JA Genre Roots Rock / [A] Group Vocal [B] Male DJ Condition EX- Track Declaration Of Rights SoundclipRoots Foundation. *Golden Old Hits* Jah...

SIR LORD COMIC / ROY RICHARDS [Rhythm Rebellion / Reggae Reggae Children ]

Regular price ¥3,500(税込¥3,850)

ID No. 218232 Label COXSONE (JA) Production Studio1-60 Genre Early Reggae / Male DJ Condition VG+ Track Rainy Night In Georgia Soundclip* ロード・タナモ「 Rainy Night In Georgia」DJカット。

BROTHER DAN ALL STARS [Donkey Returns / Tribute To Sir K B]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 225687 Label TROJAN (UK) Production UK Genre Rock Steady / Condition VG Soundclip* The Tennors ** Inst Cut To 「Ride Me donkey」

JERRY BAXTER AND JOY WHITE [Always Together / Dubbing To Sir Coxsone Sound]

Regular price ¥1,800(税込¥1,980)

ID No. 228456 Label TRIBES MAN (UK) Production UK Genre Reggae80sEarly / Male Vocal Female Vocal Condition EX- Soundclip* UK ロイドコクソンチューン!!!