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Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 226111 Label 40 LEG (JA) Production JA Genre Roots Rock / [A] Male Vocal [B] Male DJ Version Condition VG+(S OFF CENTER) Soundclip*「Bobby Babylon」リズムのルーツロックVO/DJ

BUNNY LIE LIE [Natty Youth Man / What You Gonna Do When Jah Jah Comes]

Regular price ¥3,500(税込¥3,850)

ID No. 210341 Label THOMPSON & KOOS (UK) Production JA Genre Reggae70sLate / Male Vocal Condition VG+ Soundclip


Regular price ¥1,200(税込¥1,320)

ID No. 207946 Label MAD HOUSE (JA) Production JA Genre ReggaeAfter90s / Vocal DJ Condition EX- Track pepper seed Soundclip* 90's Big Hit Trk."Pepper Seed" US盤12inchはちょっと珍しいです

JOSIE WALES [Slackness Done]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 191876 Label MUSIC WORKS (JA) Production Music Works Genre Reggae80sLate / Female DJ Condition EX- Soundclip* '88 Nice Dee Jay

GEORGE NOOKS [You Too Greedy ]

Regular price ¥1,500(税込¥1,650)

ID No. 227902 Label TR GROOVEMASTER (JA) Production Tony Robinson Genre Reggae70sLate / [A] Male Vocal [B] Version Condition VG+ Soundclip


Regular price ¥1,800(税込¥1,980)

ID No. 226206 Label CHANNEL 1 (JA) Production Channel 1 Genre Reggae70sEarly / Male DJ Condition VG+(WOL) Track Sunshine For Me Soundclip* Gregory Isaacs ** イントロ、デリィンジャーのMCがLPより長いです。

LLOYD CHARMERS [Rythem In Rahpsody]

Regular price ¥1,200(税込¥1,320)

ID No. 226046 Label LTD (JA) Production Charmers / Splash Genre Reggae70sLate / Inst Male Vocal Condition EX- Soundclip* 1976 **Rockers Anthem!! *** A side only (B sideは曲が入ってません)

TRINITY [All Gone]

Regular price ¥1,000(税込¥1,100)

ID No. 225997 Label WELL CHARGE (JA) Production Channel 1 Genre Reggae70sMid / Male DJ Condition VG Track have marcy Soundclip* マイティー・ダイヤモンズ「 Have Mercy 」オケ、このDJピースもマイティー・ダイヤモンズ同様にメガヒットを記録した。

THE TECHNIQUES [Little Did You Know / Run Come Celebrate]

Regular price ¥400(税込¥440)

ID No. 225711 Label TREASURE ISLE (JA) Production Tresure Isle Genre [A] Ska [B] Rock Steady / [A] Male Vocal Group Vocal [B] Inst Condition VG(LD) Soundclip* Treasure Isle Classics

JAH WOOSH [Shimmy Skank]

Regular price ¥1,200(税込¥1,320)

ID No. 225103 Label ABENG (JA) Production JA Genre Roots Rock / Male DJ Condition VG+(WOL) Soundclip