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MIGHTY SPARROW [Half Pick Duck / Treat She Nice]

Regular price ¥2,500(税込¥2,750)

ID No. 238586 Label RA (OTHER) Production Other Genre Mento/Calypso/Carib Roots/Gospel / Male Vocal Condition EX Soundclip* 爽やかなカリプソ・ヴォーカル。ダブルサイダー!!

LITTLE ROY [Boof And Peng]

Regular price ¥4,500(税込¥4,950)

ID No. 238426 Label EARTH (JA) Production JA Genre Roots Rock / Male Vocal Condition EX Soundclip*優しいトラックで社会派シンガーが歌うサファラーズ・ルーツ。**美品。


Regular price ¥2,500(税込¥2,750)

ID No. 237603 Label FRM (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae70sEarly / Inst Condition EX Soundclip*美品。

WAILING SOUL [Grabbing + Running]

Regular price ¥3,500(税込¥3,850)

ID No. 232716 Label CHA CHA (UK) Production UK Genre Reggae80sEarly / Group Vocal Condition EX Soundclip* 82 Roots Vocal & Dub

LONG TAIL MARVIN [Have Mercy Miss Percy / Tell Me Darling]

Regular price ¥12,000(税込¥13,200)

ID No. 231806 Label MODARN HALYWOOD (US) Production US Genre Soul/R&B / Male Vocal Condition EX Soundclip* Hot 1956 US Rhythm & Blues

MARVIN & JOHNNY [Butter Ball / Sugar Mama]

Regular price ¥4,500(税込¥4,950)

ID No. 231805 Label MODARN HALYWOOD78 (US) Production US Genre Soul/R&B / Male Vocal Condition EX- Soundclip*1955 US Blues

HARLEM SPIRIT [How Sweet It Is / Universal Man(Bob Marley)]

Regular price ¥1,000(税込¥1,100)

ID No. 231725 Label FUSION (UK) Production Wailers Genre Reggae80sEarly / Male Vocal Condition EX- Soundclip* / Tribute To Bob Marley

MIGHTY DIAMONDS [If You Are Looking For Trouble]

Regular price ¥2,500(税込¥2,750)

ID No. 230800 Label LIVE & LEARN (US) Production JA Genre Reggae80sLate / Male Vocal Group Vocal Soundclip* '86 Good Vocal. ** シールドの為、試聴はございません。


Regular price ¥5,500(税込¥6,050)

ID No. 230864 Label DYNAMIC (JA) Production JA Genre Reggae80sEarly / Male Vocal Condition EX Jacket Condition EX ( WS ) Soundclip*新品同様。** A-1.4. B-3.